DIY Daisy Printed Linen Patchwork Cotton Table Cloth Handmade Zakka


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DIY Daisy Printed Flower Cotton Linen Fabric Patchwork

A great pleasure to make the necessary hand, concise wild. Whether small handmade, hand-made or groceries, they are good material with handmade fabric, handmade cloth, closely woven texture clear, ma taste, surface etc.

Material: Linen cotton
Color: Sky blue, light green, white, pink, yellow
Pattern: Daisy
Size: 0.5×0.75m

ZAKKA bags are made for other groceries.
Put on the table to make a small pouch, drawstring bag is really beautiful, just the thickness.
Not suitable for personal clothing.
For bedding, tablecloth, curtain, DIY handmake artical etc.

Package included:
1X Daisy Cotton Linen Cloth

linen cloths

linen table cloths

table linen cloth

fine linen cloth

cloth shower curtain

linen cloth material

linen curtain fabric

linen bed cover

linen bed cover

linen bed linen

table linen cloth

linen shower curtains

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