DIY Funduino Nano Starter Learning Kit For Arduino


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DIY Funduino Nano Starter Learning Kit For Arduino


The kit includes a selection of the most common.
From this kit, you can do many creative projects, consolidate the practical ability.
Know more about Arduino from this learning kit.

Package included:

1 x 830 holes Breadboard
1 x NANO expansion board
1 x Funduino NANO
1 x 1602 LCD
1 x 40 pin Row needles
1 x USB
1 x Four digit tube
1 x One digit tube
1 x 8 * 8 dot matrix
1 x Active buzzer element
1 x Passive buzzer element
1 x Remote control
1 x Patch
1 x 2-way 5V relay module
1 x Battery box
1 x 74H595 IC
1 x Female-female DuPont line
1 x Bread line (bag)
1 x LED (bag)
5 x 1K
5 x 10K
8 x 220R
4 x Small buttons
1 x Receiver element
1 x LM35 element
3 x Photosensitive element
2 x Ball element
1 x Flame element
1 x 50K potentiometer adjustable

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