DIY Micro Landscape Eco Bottle Medicago Sativa Potting Sets


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DIY Micro Landscape Eco Bottle Medicago Sativa Potting

Cup of landscape planting, do it yourself DIY your love view, creative and mini desk bonsai, relax mood and remit eye fatigue, easy to care

Material: Glass + Plastic
Seed type: Medicago sativa
Size: 104*79*125mm
Temperature of germination: 20-30℃
Growth of temperature: 15-30℃
Color: Red elephant & Green mushroom, Red elephant & Purple mushroom, Blue elephant & Red mushroom, Green elephant & Yellow mushroo

1. Put the sand into the bottle and spread evenly it
2. Insert the mushrooms into the sand, and put elephant on the sand
3. Water the sand, and put the seeds on the sand and water again
4. Cover the lid, and wait for some time to germinate

1. Keep the plant part out of the sun, prevent exposure. Keep a certain humidity.
2. Temperature of germination: 20-30℃, Growth of temperature: 15-30℃

Package inlcuded:
1 X Glass bottle
1 X Pack of sand
1 X Plastic elephant
2 X Plastic Mushrooms

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