DIY Precision Digital Capacitance Meter Kit


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DIY Precision Digital Capacitance Meter Kit


This is a simple and easy to do and extremely practical capacitance meter, especially for small capacitance measurement, it can be easily measured capacitance lead, but often ordinary multimeter can not measure small capacitance

Miniature size, easy to use, high precision, with automatic range conversion.
Measure 1pF – 500uF precision capacitance meter, can deliver real-time measurement results to the PC via the serial port.


Input voltage: DC 8 – 16 V
Supply Current: <30mA
Measuring range: 1pF – 500uF (automatic translation)
Accuracy: 1%
Display: 4 digital
Also this kit have a calibrate function

Package included:

1 x DIY Precision Digital Capacitance Meter Kit

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