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DIY Water Level Switch Sensor Controller Kit


This product is based on the actual use of domestic factories and pumping.
The product is based on the detection water level of the pool (water tower) to control high current relay to achieve control pumping.
With small, simple wiring, low power, high switching capacity, strong anti-interference function and high stability.
Can steady achieve the pool (towers) automatically open the pump when lack of water, automatically stop the pump (solenoid valve) when full of water.

Can also be used for automatic drainage under the rain flooded, such as the garage, basement, etc

Note: This product is without probe and does not need to buy the probe, some home use wire can replace the probe, ripping the wire head about 2 cm, directly put it into the water.
We don't supply any manuals, please note about this before you order it.

Package included:

1 x Water Level Switch Sensor Controller Kit

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