Dual USB Port Electric Wall Charger Socket Adapter Power Outlet Panel


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Dual USB Port Electric Wall Charger Socket Adapter Power Outlet Panel Faceplate

This USB Wall charging station provides one multifuctional three hole socket wall electrical socket and 2 USB outlets for charging Cell Phones, Tablets, GPS, MP3 player, and USB devices etc.

Ideal for use in residential, commercial and health care applications, such as homes, offices , hotels, airports, lounges and coffee shops.

1. Material: PC Flame-resistant material
2. Copper material:Phosphor Bronze
3. Input voltage: AC110-250V
4. Rated current: 10A
5. USB output: DC 5V/2100mA/1000mA
6. Socket type: Multifunctional three hole socket
7. Out times: >5000 times
8. Color:White/Gold/Yellow

1. Multifunctional 220V socket, can be compatible with various global plug
2. Dual USB charging interface,allows two devices to be charged at the same time
3. Provides a switch to conveniently open or cut off the USB power
4. Socket has protective door to prevent the monopole insertion,protect your safety
5. 2100mA output current,save your charging time
6. Using high-quality PC material,provides high heat resistance, shock resistance and flame resistance

Package included:
1x Socket
2x Screws
1x Manual

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