Egypt Archaeology Mykerinos Board Game Social Game


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Egypt Archaeology Mykerinos Board Game Social Game

Main Material: Paper, Plastic
Weight: 735g
Size: 19cm * 27cm
Packing: Paper Box
The Number Of The Players: 2-4
Recommended Age: ≥ 10
Time Of Playing: About 45 Minutes

How To Play:
Menkaura (also called Mykerinos in Geek) was  the Pharaoh of 4th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, who established the smallest one in the Three Pyramids of Giza.
Players play the roles of archaeologists who are dedicated to finding supporters to research the culture of Egypt. 
The game has 4 rounds. 
Players take turns at arranging their workers to dig for the purpose of gaining the support from the funders in each round of the game,and taking up the better place to show the exhibits in the museum. 
The player who get the highest score is the winner when the game is over.

Package Included:
1 X Box Of Egypt Archaeology Mykerinos

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