Electronic Mouse Expeller Ultrasonic Wave Mosquito Rat Pest Repeller


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Electronic Ultrasonic Wave Mosquito Rat Pest Repeller 

Turn your home's wiring into a pest repellent force field. Simply plug into any home outlet. Attack sensory nerve and brain central nervous system of rats, insect in order to cause them pain, fear, discomfort and loss appetite. However, the repeller can reduce their fertility, so that they can not survive in this environment and escape from this area.


Charger: Rechargeable

Material: Flame retardant ABS

State: Solid
Size : 3.9 x 2.34 x 1.37"
Color: White
Rated voltage: 110 (V)
Rated Power: 0.5 W
Rated Frequency: 24-45(Hz)
Ambient Temperature: 0-40 ℃

Weight: 120g


An insect killer with ultrasonic wave.

Non-toxic, no chemical and no posion.

For pest, mosquito, rat, rodents, roaches, ants, spiders and so on.


1. The repeller should be installed 20-80 cm high off the ground, and insert the power socket should normal to ground.

2. Avoid the sound absorbing material, such as carpet and curtain, to prevent influencing the insect repellent effect.

3. Do not worry about anything If you find some insect activities. This is a normal phenomenon.

4. Must be protected from water and moisture.

5. Do not drop or strike the repeller.

Package included:

1X Electronic Repeller (EU Plug)

pest repellent

riddex pest repeller

pest repellent

pest repellent

electronic pest repellent

electronic rat repellent

electronic pest repellent

electronic rat repeller

electric mosquito repellent

electronic rat repellent

mouse and rat repeller

electric mosquito repellent

mouse and rat repeller

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