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ESP-07 ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module with IO Adapter Plate


With this test board, you can without any other development tools, AT the AT ESP8266 modules class applications with the SDK.
The application development, can be directly burning board MCU. Also can burn to write  ESP8266 built-in SOC to application SDK.
Simple demonstration function: made a control interface, the android mobile phone WIFI and onboard WIFI data interaction,
Keep the cell phone control board  WIFI output data, on-board CPU control panel mount three color lamp, after receipt of the data, relay and a buzzer.


IO adapter plate: Approx: 30 x 28mm (L x W)
ESP-07: 22 x 16mm (L x W)
Pin: 38mm

Package included:

1 x ESP-07
1 x IO adapter plate

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