ET-A200 2.4G Wireless Multimedia Optical Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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ET-A200 Black 2.4G Wireless Multimedia Optical Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

1. With 2.4GHz advanced wireless techonlogy,
comfortable and excellent key touch feeling to release your fatigue in operation.
2. Adopts long life liquid injection silca gel, comfortable to use.
3. Laser carving symbols, never been removed from keycap.
4. Multi-media function, enjoy the time online and entertainment.
5. Low power indicator.
6. Balance bar in 4 keys , brings good feeling when knocking keys.
7. Widen texture palm rest, comfortable for your hand.

1. Customized key function.
2. 3D scale rubber wheel, smooth to move.
3. 3 switchable CPI — 800/1200/1600.

1. Keypad film is not included.
2. For non-working circumstances, please double check the batteries and unplug all parts then reconnect and try again.

1. Brand: ET
2. Model: A200
3. Transimission mode: 2.4Ghz
4. Switchable CPI: 800/1200/1600
5. Number of keys: 104
6. DPI: 2000
7. Connectivity: Wireless
8. Color: Black
9. Material: ABS
10. Mouse dimensions: 95x65x20mm
11. Keyboard dimensions: 500x200x10mm
12. Package size: 560x600x55mm

Package included:
1x Wireless Keyboard
1x Wirless Mouse
1x USB Receiver

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