Forecum FK-9808A2 Wifi Home Security Alarm System 1 Vibration Burglar Sensor+2 Remote Controllers


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Description :

Forecum FK-9808A2 Wireless Home Security Alarm System With 1 Vibration Burglar Sensor + 2 Remote Controllers

Features :

A. One vibration alarm can match with at most 8 remote controllers freely.          
B. One remote controller could control several vibration alarms.
C. Intelligent detection and smart delay tech can reduce the rate of false alarm.
D. Excellent Home use product, Tiny and fashion.
E. Volume : 110DB
F. Alarm and door bell function for your option.
G. Low energy and long work time.
H. Simple install.
Product image interpretation : 4 button of the Remote control, function of the vibration alarm.

Specifications :

Vibration alarm :
Size (L x W x H) : 85mm x 42mm x 17mm
Voltage : 3V (2 x AAA battery)
Stand-by Volume : 100μA
Alarm volume : 30mA
Frequency : 433MHZ
Alarm response time : 200ms
Stand-by time : 8-12 months

Remote control :
Size (L x W x H) : 60mm x 30mm x 11mm
Voltage : 12 (1 x 12V27A)
Frequency : 433MHZ
Stand-by Volume : 1μA
Working volume : 15MA
Stand-by time : 8-24months
Remote control distance : 20m

Package includes :

1 x Vibration alarm
2 x Remote control
1 x User manual

Using method :
1. When firstly use the smart home security vibration alarm, open the cover the battery chamber, press the remote control’s leaning code button. Meanwhile, assemble 2pcs AAA batteries in the battery chamber. There will be one BI…sound when the circuit is switched on. Then there will be two BI…BI…sounds when code pairing is successful. Then the remote control can control the vibration alarm.
2. Install instruction : Select the installation place, pear off the cover of the double faced adhesive tape, and stick the vibration alarm. 

Operation Instruction :
1)Alarm function : press the alarm button, the vibration alarm sounds BI BI BI three times to confirm alarm. Then it will BI one time after 5 seconds and enters into the alarm state of alert. When someone knocks your doors or windows, the vibration alarm will alarm 3 seconds. And it will alarm 30s if it detects the vibration in next 2-12 seconds. So that it can remind the master and drive away the burglars.
2)Disarm button : press the disarm button, the alarm will sound BI one time and goes into disarm status.
3) Emergent alarm button : when press the emergent alarm button, the alarm will alarming in any model.
4) Doorbell button/ Learning code button : when press the doorbell button, the alarm sounds Ding Dong. When the door and window are open or it detects the vibration, it will sound Ding Dong. And the alarm will get out off the doorbell model when presses disarm or emergent alarm urgent button.
5) Increase remote controls : disassemble the battery of the alarm, and continually press the learning code button. Assemble the battery, and the alarm will sound BI one time to indicate that the alarm is open. And the alarm will sound BI…BI…two times in 5 seconds. The remote control is added successfully. ( Press the learning mode continually until the alarm sounds BI…BI… two times. One alarm can be matched with 8 remote controls at most.)
6) Add vibration alarms : continually press the remote control’s learning code button, and assemble the new alarm’s battery. When the alarm sounds BI one time, the alarm is open. Then the magnetic alarm sound BI…BI two times in 5 seconds, It indicates that the alarm is added successfully. (One remote control can control 100pcs alarms.)
7)When increase remote controls or add vibration alarms, the operation should be fast. You should repeat the operations of  (4) and (5), if it is not added successfully.

Note :
Please make sure the balance when installation, will save power.
Only use in indoor, banned in outdoor use.
Working environment temperature : -10 ~ 60℃
Working environment humidity : < 80%
Storage temperature : -20℃ to +70℃

Low pressure detection :
1. When the battery is low, the LED of magnetic door will flashing once per second, prompt low, please replace the battery.
2. Remote control lights flashing dimmed or remote distance becomes shorter, please replace the battery.

Details pictures :

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