General Chord Seal For Ukulele Guitar(Color Random)


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General Chord Seal For Ukulele Guitar(Color Random)


Name: Chord seal
Model: TAURO
Bottle color: Orange, yellow, blue, green, pink
(Color Random)
Usage: For Ukulele Guitar


1) print thickness can be adjusted without dipping inks, under normal use can be used hundreds of times (300-400, thickness and printing for personal use hard times will vary). Very easy to use, there is no ink, the direct increase in the stamp surface absorption, can be used again.
2) When we printed music score, but found no chords, this time you can own stamp on another little point on it, is very convenient, no longer holding the ruler of hard drawn grid. Exercise their faster by chords, you can cover, and then point little dictation chords Oh! Convenient and practical.

Ink are all black, plaid prints are all black; bottle color is orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, random delivery.

Package include:

1 x Chord seal

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