Green Tea Anti-allergy Depilation Cream Anti-hair Repairing Lotion Body Hair Remover Set


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Green Tea Anti-allergy Depilation Cream Anti-hair Repairing Lotion Body Hair Remover Set

1. Zero-pain and anti-allergy.
2. Pure vegetal formula without chemical ingredient.
3. Flavor is also good.
4. Simple and easy to use.


Type: Remove hair cream            

Gender: Unisex

Fit for: All types of skin

Cream Net Content: 60g

Repairing lotion Net: 30ml

Total Weight: APP 161g

1. Green tea anti-allergy depilation cream
A. Clean the part that need to depilate, spread depilation cream on it with
pastern stick after wiping water away, cover the hair as fully as possible.
B. It takes 3-8 minutes for the face part, 10 minutes for extremity and oxter.
C. Then erasure away the hair of body with bumf, clean dirty thing remained with
water, wipe water away and spread anti-hair growing repair lotion.
2. Green tea anti-hair repairing lotion
Lap gently until it is fully absorbed, the skin instantly present as lustrous as jade, extremely supple, delicate and clear. 

1. Simply apply the cream and leave in on for at lest three minutes.
2. With grape extract, it cares for your skin after hair removal leaving it looking beautifully smooth.
3. Containing green tea plant essence, with moisturizing function, not injury pores,
   help you to removed arm, armpit and thigh inside, body the parts of body hair.

Package Included:
1 X Bottle Depilation Cream
1 X Bottle Repairing Lotion

1. Before using it, do the skin sensitivity test first.
2. Please don't use beautifying products with alcohol and stimulating ingredients or insolate under burning sun after depilating.
3. If any uncomfortable feelings, please stop using.

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