GSM Key SMS Remote Control Switch Gate Opener Home Appliance Industrial Equipment


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GSM Key SMS Remote Control Switch Gate Opener Home Appliance Industrial Equipment

The smart life is closer to our life,now this GSM remote control enable you to experience this easy and quick life just with one cellphone no software needed,no distance limitation,just one cellphone you can control any home appliances and devices at anywhere.


Input Voltage AC 110V-250V
Input Current 10A
Rated Power 2000W
Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Working Temperature -10℃ to 55℃
Size 11.5X7X3cm/4.53" X2.76" X1.18"(L*W*H)

GSM remote Control
Based on GSM Network transmission system,remote control by SMS or phone call,no software needed
Dual control mode,SMS and phone call(can record 5 aothorized phone number),No need to provide a remote control for different users
Using caller ID for identification,safer and easy to operate
Power down memory function,no worry about the setting parameter will lost
Inching function(0.5 to 9 seconds inching time)
No call charges, the GSM remote control rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring
No distance limitation with one cellphone,control the devices at anytime and anywhere
Perfect for home appliaces and industrial eaquipment usage,unmanned monitoring

The Setting Instructions:
1.Insert the SIM card(when insert and unplug the SIM card,please do not provide the power supply for the controller)

2.Plug in the power adapter,it will last about 30 seconds for initialization.please observe the SIG indicatior,the flashing time will change from once per second to once per four seconds,that means the controller has connected the GSM network.

3.Set the password:
GSM controller initial password is 0000
Set the password format:“SN+old password+NEW +new password"
For example:Send:"SN0000NEW123 "Receive: "SN SETOK NEW SN IS 1231"

4.Set the administrator phone number(can record five groups,two setting method)   
1)SMS:if you want to set the 13788889999 as the administer phone number ,then send the message as"SN1234SET13788889999"if set successfully,you will receive as"13788889999SETOK "
2)Manual setting on the controller:press the "SET " button,the "STA" indicator will flash for 30 seconds,during this time ,please use you phone to call the controller,the phone number will be the administrater number.

The SMS /Phone Call/Inching controlling Instructions:
Send "SN+password+ON" for example" SN0000ON ",receive"STATE IS ON"
Send"SN+password+OFF" for example" SN0000OFF ",receive"STATE IS OFF"

2.Phone Call
Once you call the controller,the state will change to its opposite state,for example,the controller is in ON state,then you call it,it will change to "OFF" state.

3.Inching Controlling
Send "SN+password+T+number"("0" is 0.5 second inching) and "0-9" is 1-9 seconds inching) for example "SN0000T0" means 0.5 seconds inching,receive"STATE IS INCHING"

This GSM remote control maximum power is 2000W,if you apply it on laser power equippment,you need to connect the AC contactor.

Package included:
1X GSM Remote Control
1X Antenna
1X Power Adapter


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