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Guitar Picks Cutter Plectrum Punch Picks Maker Card Cutter Pick-master

Tired of loosing picks and paying too much to replace them?
Personalise your playing by making your own plectrums.
Recycle plastic packaging and old credit cards. 
Cuts plastic up to 1mm thick. 
Essential to any guitarists kit bag.
Make plectrums out of any old card no longer needed
Simply slide it into the cutter, give it a push and "voila"
Color:Black Sliver
How to use:
1.Ready for the beginning card (hard plastic card, such as: mobile phone top-up CARDS, card and other hard card)
2. The same as the use of the punching machine, binding machine, place the card in the dial the piece, under pressure to complete.
Package included:
1 X  Guitar Plectrum Punch

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