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"Sky Planter" pot upside down have a unique water storage system for the plant roots supply water, absorb harmful gases, while also freeing more space. Save space, save water, clean air and improve health, that isn't you always want to have lifestyle? 
Flower Type: pots
Flower Material: plastic
Flower Style: pastoral style
Application Environment: wall / hanging
Applicable Type: flowers / plants
Color: black, pink, blue
Pots Size: 6.2cm(upper W) x 13cm(H) x 9.2cm(bottom W)

1. This air pots with a minimum of space enjoy green indoor garden, and it not affect your daily life. 
2. In addition to this unique potted way, it can effectively save water and excess water will not be discharged. 
3. it use double design
4. The top is a reservoir and water will gradually penetrate the roots of plants. This way is more suitable for planting the roots of lush  vegetation.

1. Unpack your sky planter. Ensure the water reservoir is securely in postion at the bottom of the planter body.
2. Gently place your plants into the planer body.Fill the planter with soil to cover the base of the water reservoir then gently insert the plant. Be careful the plant the roosts.
3. Cut the mesh collar to fit the stem of the plant and insert. Plant on top of the soil. If the plant has very thick stems, you may not use the mesh collar.
4. Insert locking disc around the plant stem. Align the lugs on the base of the disc with opening in the planter body and then turn several degrees to lock in place.
5. Insert the planter carefully. A mall amount of loose soil may sprinkle out of the planter during this step, but the soil will naturally compact and stay in place.
6. Pour fresh water through the top hole of the planter, into the water reservoir, then hang.
Package include:
1X Sky Planter (with English Instructions book) 


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