Happy Farm Musical Play Singing Gym Carpet Mat


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Happy Farm Musical Play Singing Gym Carpet Mat

Size: 60×40 cm (the item with the box you received)
Weight: 330g
The best choice for fun and intelligence.

Movement capability:  Through subtle movements of the fingers and toes,  exercise hand-eye coordination,   through the kick ,crawling,walking,jumping,etc.training the child's muscle movements.
The ability to think: Why is everything from the beginning,development ,and to meet the children's curiosity, thinking ability and logical intelligence.
Look and feel: The ability to stimulate the child's vision,hearing,touch,smell and taste of the sense of feeling.
Language ability: The child-induced sound and strengthen their language skills. to enhance a child of color, shape and rhythmic understanding.

Package Included:
1 x  Musical Carpet

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