HC-08 Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Module Low Power Long Distance


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HC-08 Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Module Low Power Long Distance


Working voltage: DC2.0V~3.6V

TXD: serial port emission, 3.3V TTL-level.
RXD: serial received, 3.3V TTL-level.
CTS: serial port flow control, not support now.
RTS: serial port flow control, not support now.
DC: emulation, burning clocks pin.
DD: emulation, burning data pin.
RST: module reset pin, require not less than 5ms low level.
VCC: power supply pin, requiring DC 3.3V power supply, supply current is not less than 100mA.
GND: ground
KEY: the input pin, internal pull down. This pin connect high level, use for clear recorded slave address
PIO: extended function, for setting master/slave mode, the default internal connect pull up resistors, as slave. External connect pull down resistor 1K to ground, as the host.
LED: indicate light output pin, high level output, LED, please series resistors when you connect LED.
Before connecting
Host no records slave address, 100ms/s;
Host records slave address, 900ms/s;
Slave every 2 seconds will flash 1 second.
After connection, LED illuminated steady.


Currently only support 9600bps, not support AT instruction. When the host and slave Passthrough communicating, must have a certain time interval between packets. For example, the packet length is 500 bytes, that's to say the sending time interval between packets can be set to not less than 600ms. Otherwise, data may be lost.

Package included:

1 x HC-08 module

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