HC-09 Slave Bluetooth Serial Module Compatible With HC-06 Module


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HC-09 Slave Bluetooth Serial Module Compatible With HC-06 Module


1. Compatible HC-06 Bluetooth module, half-duplex module
2. Operating voltage: 3.3V
3. The baud rate can be set 2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200,230400
4. Module size: 28mm x 15 mm x 2.35mm.
5.Operating Current: power input is terminated with a resistance of 5 ohms, use a multimeter to test a variety of state power of the line
6. Test current: 25MA (Not greater than 50MA)
7. Sleep current: Non Sleep
8. For the GPS navigation system, utility meter reading system, the industrial field, collecting and controlling system.
9. Can seamlessly connect with Bluetooth laptop computer, Bluetooth adapter, PDA and other devices

The factory default parameters:

Slave, baud rate: 9600, n, 8,1. Passkey: 1234.

AT command set as follows:

Note: When testing HC-09, the module requires 7S time to complete the initialization, after the completion of the initialization module indicator will blink.

1, Test communications
Send: AT (return OK, one second left and right)
Back: OK

2, Change the Bluetooth serial communication baud rate
Send: AT + BAUD2
Back to: OK2400

2 ——— 2400
3 ——— 4800
4 ——— 9600
5 ——— 19200
6 ——— 38400
7 ——— 57600
8 ——— 115200
9 ——— 230400

Note: HC-09 on the baud rate is different from the HC-06, HC-09 minimum baud rate is 2400, up to 115200,
HC-09 communicate with HC-06 can only be used to maximum baud rate 19200, exceeds will drop-out.
When communicating with the adapter, baud rate is greater than or equal to 38400, packet transmission time interval need not less than 200mS, otherwise might be blocked.
After setting AT command baud rate, the next power do not need to set up and can save the baud rate when power off.

3, Change the Bluetooth name
Send: AT + NAME name
Back to: OK name

Read the Bluetooth name
Send: AT + NAME
Returns: NAME = name
Parameter name: To set the current name, the name is the Bluetooth searching name. 32 characters or less.
The parameters can be save if power off, just modify one time. refresh can see the Bluetooth changed name.

4, Change the Bluetooth pairing password
Send: AT + PINxxxx
Returns: OKsetpin
Example: Sending AT + PIN8888
Back OKsetpin
Now the Bluetooth pairing password is 8888, the factory default password is 1234.

Read Bluetooth pairing password
Send: AT + PIN
Back: PIN = xxxx
Example: send AT + PIN
To return PIN = 8888 r n
Parameter xxxx: To set a passcode, 4 bytes

Package includes:

1 x HC-09 Module

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