HC-11 433 Wireless Module To Serial C1101 Long Range Module


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HC-11 433 Wireless Module To Serial C1101 Long Range Module


3.4mA silent current ultra-low-power
Long distance, using the distance 1 ~ 40M. (Less than 1M, the module does not work)
Support 3.3V ~ 5V wide voltage
Supports serial passthrough mode, replace the serial line (half duplex)
You can set the frequency, such as dozens of commands, automatic filtering
Module size: 27.8mm × 14.4mm × 4mm.
For network design
The module supports software upgrades
Communication baud rate: 9600
The wireless communication channel: 001

Mode: FU1
Idle current: 3.5mA
Transmission delay: 20mS
Loopback test 1: 31mS
Loopback test 2: 31mS
Note: The loopback test delay means, short connect TX and RX pins, send serial data to another module, from the beginning to another module TX pin return to the data.

Enter AT command mode in two ways:

The first: After connect with 3.3V, then pull low the fifth pin (always low), the module is in the AT command mode, pull up means exit command mode.
The second: Disconnect power, pull low the fifth pin first and then power on again, after 1S enter the AT mode, pull up means exit command mode.

The instructions are as follows:

1. AT

      Send this command will return OK characters.

      Example: Send AT return OK

2. AT + V

      Module returns version information.

      Example: Send AT + V return HC-11_V0.0

3. AT + Bxxxx

      Set baud rate to xxxx. This value may be 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200.

      Example 1: send AT + B4800 returns OK-4800

      Example 2: send AT + B115200 return OK-115200

4. AT + Cxxx

      Set the communication channel. From 001-127 optional.

      Example: Send AT + C058 returns OK-058

5. AT + FUx

        Switching serial transparent transmission mode. The value of x from 1 to 4 optional.

        Example: Send AT + FU1 return OK + FU1

Package included:

1 x HC-11 module

Connect with computer serial:

Connect with microcontroller:

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