Hesunse Single Channel Wireless Remote Control High-power Lamp Switch


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Item Type:Single-channel Remote Control Switch
Controlled Line:1
Voltage:AC180V-245V 50/60HZ
Working Temperature:<85 degree
Load Total Power:1000W incandescent light
                          200W energy-saving lamps
Remote Control Distance:20-50M
Battery Type:23A 12V
Product Size:Transmitter:95X38X16MM

1.The button of transmitter adpots conductive silicone switch,not easy deformation,oxidation
2.The edge of the transmitter adpot spray silver powder paint, durable and fashionable
3.Light shell adopt the fuel material
4.The rabbit wiring installation is simple
5.Receiver adpot stainless steel material, durable
6.Receiver have exposed antenna to ensure stable signal
7.The side of the receiver has ventilation, to ensure continuous cooling
8.Application:Incandescent Lamp, Energy-saving Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp, Absorb Dome Light, Tube Light, Crystal Lamp, Background Lamp, Bracket Lamp, Annular Lamp, LED Lamp belt, Desk Lamp, Droplight

Common problems:
1,Remote control whether one-on-one or not, at the same time using several will interfere with each other?
Hesunse's remote control each set have the independent right of code, each switch has different code, so will not produce mutual influence.
2,If the electricity is back after the blackout, can the light still bright?
Because the remote control switch is template design manual and remote control of dual-use.
The electricity is back after the blackout is same as the wall switch turn off and turn on again,so the electricity is back after the blackout,the light will be bright.(If you are out of town, you can turn off the wall switch)
3,Remote signal can penetrate walls?
Hesunse's remote control switch is using radio frequency signal, operation don't need to aim at the receiver, the signal can penetrate walls,can be truly
intelligent humanized.

Package Included:
1X Transmitter
1X Receiver
1X Battery

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