Hobbyboss Trumpeter JGSDF NBC Detection Vehicle 1/35 Military Model Tank


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Hobbyboss Trumpeter JGSDF NBC Detection Vehicle 1/35 Military Model Tank

Item No.: 00330
Item Name: JGSDF NBC Detection Vehicle
Scale: 1/35
Item Type: Static kit
Model Size: 185 mm * 72mm
Total Parts: 243pcs
Metal Parts: Axle shaft
Photo Etched Parts: Rain sweeper
Film Parts: clear plastic pre-cut for windows & periscope lenses
Total Sprues: 4pcs plus lower hull ,upper hull
Paint Schemes: In service with the JGSDF
More Features: Interior driving compartment details
Box Size: 410 * 260 * 59mm  
Recommended Age: ≥ 14
Type 87 NBC Detection Vehicle was developed based on Type 82 Command & Communications Vehicle.
It is equipped with several mechanic devices on its back panel.
The concept of NBC Detection Vehicle is to make surveys in polluted areas by chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.
For that purpose, air tightness is improved, an air cleaner is equipped, and the cockpit is enclosed by leaden plates.
When attacked by enemies, it counterattacks with the remote-controlled 12.7 mm machine gun on the hatch.
What features most is a manipulator installed on its right part of the back panel.
By the control from inside it gathers and analyzes the samples such as polluted soil.
The vehicle made it possible to measure and comprehend the state of pollution safely and promptly in various areas.
Its weathercock-looking measuring instrument was replaced with high-tech sensors making its appearance smarter.

Scale models for children over 14 years old and adult collectors. Not a toy.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts.
Contains parts for one model. Actual model may vary from image on box.

Package Included:
1 X Tank (With Instructions)

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