IRIN 6-in-1 Violin Fiddle Accessories Kit Instrument Accessories


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IRIN 6-in-1 Violin Fiddle Accessories Kit Instrument Accessories


This item includes a set of string, a pitch pipe, a round mute, a maple bridge and four fine tuners, together with a piece of cleaning cloth.
Violin String
4 pieces in 1 set.
Comes out with a pretty good sound.
Designed for 4/4 violin, durable and flexible.
Pitch Pipe
Small device with plastic housing, sturdy and durable.
Small enough to hold in hand, light weight and easy to carry  around.
Provides a pitch reference for violinist.
Applying in developing an ear for tuning by harmonics.
Made of maple, exquisite workmanship.
Approx.34mm / 1.3in in height.
Sturdy and easy to fix.
Fine Tuner
Made of copper nickel alloy, sturdy and durable.
4 fine tuners in 1 pack.
Helps to keep violin in tune.
Made of good rubber.
Easy to install.
Affects the timbre.
Reduces volume, allows to practice without disturbing people.
Cleaning Cloth
Easy to clean and work repeatedly, just need a little soap and water.
Soft surface, remove fingerprint, dirt, dust or grease mark as a breeze without scratch or lint.
Wide application, also be used to clean LCD, glasses, lens, filters, laptop, etc.
Exquisite workmanship, designed with special jaggedly edges.
25 * 25cm / 9.8 * 9.8in in area.


Bridge material: Maple
Bridge size: Approx.34mm / 1.3in (height)
Mute material: Rubber
Fine tuner material: Copper nickel alloy
Cloth size:(approx) 25 * 25cm / 9.8 * 9.8in
Cloth color: Yellow
Package size: (approx)24.5 * 16 * 4cm / 9.6 * 6.3 * 1.6in
Package weight: (approx)81g / 2.9oz

Package List:

4 * Fine Tuner
4 * Violin String
1 * Mute
1 * Bridge
1 * Pitch Pipe
1 * Cleaning Cloth (Yellow)

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