JOYO JT-306 Mini Digital Guitar Tuner Chromatic Guitar Bass Tuner


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JOYO JT-306 Mini Digital Guitar Tuner Chromatic Guitar Bass Tuner


– A mini digital tuner new designed for chromatic, guitar, bass etc. Light weight, hide behind the headstock, concealing it from your audience.
– LCD screen with backlight to display operations, and can 360 degree freely swivel for best visual angle.
– The tuner must be clipped onto your instrument to tune, remain mounted on the instrument inside most cases.
– Automatic chromatic tuning, more accurate, high sensitive and wide tuning range.
– Packaged with a CR2032 battery, power off automatically for saving the battery life.   


Brand: JOYO
Model: JT-306
A4 Frequency: 410 -450Hz
Tolerance: + / – 1 cent
Tuning Range: 0A(27.50Hz) ~ 8C(4186.01Hz)
Tuning Item: Chromatic(Guitar, Bass etc.)
Screen Display Modes:
– Flat: Back light turns white, the left of screen displays the musical scale
– Sharp: Back light turns white, the right of screen displays the musical scale
– In Tune: Back light turns green, the two sides of the screen both display the musical scale  

Package Included:

1* JOYO JT-306 Tuner

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