JP Hobby 70mm 2250kv 4-6S 12 Blade Metal Ducted EDF


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JP Hobby 70mm 2700kv 4-6S 12 Blade Metal Ducted EDF

JP 70mm EDF 4S Testing At 14.8V Video:

JP 70mm EDF 6S Testing At 22.2V Video:

Brand:Jingpin Hobby
Item: 70mm 2250KV 4-6S 12 Blade Metal Ducted EDF
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Weight: 232g
Rotor: 12-bladed
Motor: 3055 2250KV
Inlet Ring: Removable
Motor: Outrunner
Thrust: 22.2V, 72A,2.3KG(test stand)
            24V  82A  2.6KG(test stand)

-The JP Hobby 70mm 2250kv 4-6S 12 Blade Metal EDF offers great durability with a metal fan unit that offers excellent performance.
-All JP Hobby fans and motors are test run at the factory to ensure that they are in proper operating manner before being shipped out. The fans are put through a series of tests to ensure that they are operating as intended. Be sure to reference the instruction manual for proper motor and esc program settings.
-The shroud acts as a heat sink, removing heat from the motor. The motor and fan unit comes assembled and balanced from the factory. This design creates a more efficiently running motor and will provide peak performance while extending the lifespan of the motor.
-Speed Control Advanced Timing Setting: 15 Degrees

Operating the motor outside of the specifications listed above can either damage the motor, battery or esc. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so can void the warranty. It is strongly encouraged to use a Watt Meter to test the watt and amp performance when setting up a new system. If the output is above the factory recommended specs, then it needs to be adjusted by the esc. The timing and throttle settings on the esc can help to set the appropriate levels.

Package Included:
1 x JP 70mm Ducted EDF

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