KONIX 3M USB Microphone Link Cable


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KONIX 3M USB Microphone Link Cable

This is an USB microphone cable with its own sound card and can be compatible with a computer without additional drivers. Simply plug in your instruments or microphones and you can start recording high quality digital music easily.


Supported OS:Windows 7/VISTA/XP/2000
Resolution: 16bit 48/44.1 KHz
THD+N(-3dBr): -76dB
S/N Ratio: 83dB
Dynamic Range: 80dB
Input Impedance: 1Mohm
Frequency Response at 48KHz: 20-19 KHz
Signal Input Range: 0-2.8Vpp
Signal Boost Gain: +20dB
Cable Length: About 3m


1) Quality digital soundEmbedded A/D convert with audio signal boost.
2) Simple plug and play connection without additional driver.
3) Red indicator light when signal is being transmitted.
4) XLR (Cannon) female connector.
5) Compatible game consoles PS2 / PS3 / WII / XBOX host.
6) Pointing to strong anti-noise, high-standard capacitor microphone core.
7) Clear sound quality, can be used for computer recording, Kara OK equipment.
8) USB products in the design, because the computer configuration is like a different sound delay may exist, it is normal.

Package included:

1 x USB Microphone Link Cable

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