Makeblock Constructor I DIY 3D Printer Kit 1.75mm PLA Material


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Makeblock Constructor I DIY 3D Printer Kit 1.75mm PLA Material


Makeblock Constructor I 3D Printer DIY Kit is an open source, based on i3 aluminum frame 3D printer kit.
The original inspiration for this kit  from the open source community, the makers want to use Makeblock Aluminium mechanical parts to build 3D printer's frame.
And matching with Electronics (RAMPS1.4 shield, Mega2560 compatible board) and software (Slic3r, Printrun), you can get high-quality prints and extreme precision.
You can enjoy so much fun from DIY your own 3D printer and even use it for prototyping, printing art craft, models, sculptures or toys.


Frame: Anodized aluminum
Extruder: All metal, temperatures up to 250 degrees Celcius
Physical Dimensions: 324mm x 312mm x 400mm
Print Materials: 1.75mm PLA
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Build Volume (W x D x H): 125mm x 165mm x 120mm
XY Resolution: 0.1mm
Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.3mm
Print Bed: Not heated
Speed: Print speed general 40mm/s, max 100mm/s
Power: 110-240 VAC Power adapter, 12V/10A
Software: Slic3r + Printrun, Cura, kisslicer, Matter Control, Skeinforge
Firmware: Marlin
LCD shows useful information about the progress of a print that just finished
Supports file type: STL
Connections: USB & SD Card
Electronics: RAMPS1.4 shield + Mega2560 comaptible board

What's included in the Kit Constructor I ?

It contains everything you need to build your 3D printer.

Aluminum frame (color: blue), no plastic parts.
Precise linear motion shaft (Diameter 8mm, length 312mm)
42BYG Stepper Motors, wires etc.
Electronics including RAMPS1.4 shield, LCDs etc. (no soldering needed)
All other hardware required to build your own printer
110-240 VAC (12V/10A) Power adapter is included.

Assemble manual: (click to open)

Package included:

1 x Constructor I DIY 3D Printer Kit (you can see the details from the manual)

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