Matek RGB LED Board 12V/5V Light Board For FPV Helicopter Multi-axis


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Matek RGB LED Board 12V/5V Light Board For FPV Helicopter Multi-axis


INPUT: 10-13V DC(12V), 4-6V DC(5V)
Size: 47*10mm(12V), 42*10mm(5V)
Weight: About 2g
Packing: LED BOARD, 1pc, Cable 0.3m


1.Comes with a 0.3m long cable, users can cut it to a suitable length;
2.Be ware of the positive and negative poles, as well as the insulation;
3.Switch the related codes to ON, seven colors are selectable;

Selectable Colors:

B ON =Blue, 0.35W, 0.03A
R ON =Red, 0.35W, 0.03A
G ON =Green, 0.35W, 0.03A
B+R =Megenta, 0.70W, 0.06A
B+G =Cyan, 0.70W, 0.06A
R+G =Yellow, 0.70W, 0.06A
B+R+G =White, 1.05W, 0.09A
B ON =Blue, 0.35W, 0.07A
R ON =Red, 0.35W, 0.07A
G ON =Green, 0.35W, 0.07A
B+R =Megenta, 0.70W, 0.14A
B+G =Cyan, 0.70W, 0.14A
R+G =Yellow, 0.70W, 0.14A
B+R+G =White, 1.05W, 0.21A


Model 1:  5V
Model 2: 12 V

Package Included:
1* LED Board

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