Mediterranean Style Fabric Lifebuoy Shape Back Cushion Home Office Soft Pillow


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Mediterranean Style Lifebuoy Cotton Back Cushion

Cloth art adornment lifebuoy, full-bodied Mediterranean amorous feelings.  Pursuing free and unfettered life, suitable for living room, bedroom, office or car seat.

Material: Canvas
Filler: PP cotton
Color: Blue, Red
Size: 41cm(Dia.), 11cm(W), 7cm(H)
Unpick and Wash: Not Removable and Washable

Excellent comfort and resilience, not deformed
Cotton and PP coton material, comfortable hand feeling
Mediterranean style, useful and decorative
Decorate your own car or home

Washing Tips:
1. Put pillow in warm water
2. Pour into neutral detergent
3. Let sit for five minutes and hand wash gently
4. Remove pillow and wash it off with warm water
5. Squeeze out the water with dry towel
6. Adjust pillow shape
7. Put it in the sun exposure
8. Comb the wollens
9. If pillow is not very dirty, please rub the stains with soap, then clean it with dry cloth or blow-drying it with a hairdryer.

1 X Lifebuoy Cushion

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