Medium Smoke 20% LVT Car Window Glass Tint C-80 Film Tinting 6mx76cm


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Medium Smoke 20% LVT Car Automotive Window Glass Tint C-80 Film Tinting 6mx76cm

Specification :

Size : 6m x 76cm / 19.68ft x 2.49ft
Color : Medium Smoke
Visible Light Transmission : 20%
Ultra Violet Rejection : 99%
High Heat Rejection : 78%

Benifits :

Tint rear windows in your vehicle to protect pets from sunlight.
Use as a security measure to conceal contents of your van or boot space.
Darken the car interior for clearer viewing of rear DVD screens.
Prevents windows from shattering in event of an accident.
Increase Comfort – The film reflects the sun's heat.
Protects Your Vehicle – The films UV radiation blocking action slows down fading of interior fabrics and plastics, helping to keep your vehicle interior looking new for years. Enhances your vehicle appearance.
Reduce glare – enhance driving safety.

Fitment :

Apply windows on cars, campers, vans and boats, conservatories houses, any other buildings…

Fitting Instruction :

1.Degrease windows,
2.Cut film roughly to window size (a little bigger),
3.Remove protective film from tint – stick tape on both sides of corner and pull,
4.Apply tint with sticky side to the window using water,
5.Remove outstanding water and air,
6.Cut properly to window size.

Note :

Tint is fitted on inside part of window.

Package Included :

1 x Roll Windows Tint

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