Men’s Stainless Steel Turret Manual Duplex Shave Razor+One Piece Blade


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Men's Stainless Steel Turret Manual Duplex Shave Razor +One Piece Blade

Name: Shaver razor
Features: Men cleaning
Material: Full Metal
Dimensions: 9.5cm
Color: White
Packing: Blister card packaging paper
For the crowd: Get rid of the hairs, body hair; Men's shaving

Conservation Methods: After using the scraper to clean the top of the hair,
Wipe dry with a soft cloth, such as long-term placement recommendation drop one or two drops of oil conservation, otherwise it will rust. Placed in ventilated place.

Ingredients: Install the blade can be used (gift a blade)

Blade can not be long-term use, we recommend frequent replacement

Tips: Before use, please use hot water shampoo, so hair becomes soft, use will not feel pain.

Package includes:
1x Razor
1x Blade

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