Mini Bluetooth Anti Lost Handsfree Speaker Selfie Shutter Remote For Smart Phone Iphone Ipad


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Mini Bluetooth Anti Lost Handsfree Speaker Selfie Shutter Remote For Smart Phone Iphone Ipad


Portable Subwoofer Speakers for Listening Music, Taking Photos, Bluetooth Chat, Mobile Anti-lost
Bluetooth music, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth anti-lost, Bluetooth shutter, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth camera shutter function
Not only Bluetooth speakers, but also as the perfect mobile phone ornaments
With the function of bluetooth photographing, it makes your phone or tablet PC like a professional SLR, bluetooth remote control photographing shows the professional demeanor. From this we can get rid of one-hand photographing, no shaking, be free to self-timer and photographing
Bluetooth indicator blue lights indicate the working status, red light indicates charging status
Color: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink
Size: Approx. 3.1x3x3cm / 1.22×1.18×1.18 inch
Cable Length: Approx. 21.4cm / 8.43 inch


Bluetooth V2.1, EDR bluetooth compatible version
Rated power: PO = 2W
Frequency response: 180HZ-16KHZ
Weight: about 26g
Battery: 3.7V/180mAh
Volume can reach: >=55db

Operating instructions:

1. On/off(turn on/turn off,press about 3 minute to turn on or turn off the speaker)
play/pause(play music or pause)
Answer Call(press to answer or refuse answer a call from phone, never take out the phone to press the button of the phone)

2. Led guide lamp: the led guide lamp will flash 2 times per second when connecting the bluetooth of phone, it will turn to flash 1 time per second after connect successful.

3. Charging guide lamp: the red lamp turn on when charging, off after charge full

4. When answer a phone call, speak to the speaker directly, do not cover the speaker

5. Replace the shutter of phone: use it as shutter when the phone under camera model

6. Make sure the bluetooth of your phone has turned on before using the wireless mini bluetooth loudspeaker

Package Included:

1 x Bluetooth Speaker Selfie Shutter Remote
1 x USB Cable

Detail Pictures:

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