Motorcycle Built-in Lock Touch Type Alarm Anti-theft Device 2 Generation


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Motorcycle Built-in Lock Touch Type Alarm Anti-theft Device 2 Generation 


Electronic invisible lock ( touch built-in lock electronic ) adopt advanced electronic technology elaborate into , in any 12v power supply 's motorcycle .
Operation principles:
After opening the electric door locks locomotive still in stalled state can not start,
After power door locks must be opened by hand touch the line of control solution or control line is not connected to grounding screw, to be released that lights motorcycle anti-theft feature.
Anti-theft devices for a variety of motorcycle anti-theft feature just off the keys to enter the security settings automatically.



Orange line connect with electric door lock after the positive
Black wire connect with negative(Ground)
Pink wire connect with turn off  line or magneto trigger line
Gray wire connect with touch sensor
Open the motorcycle electric door lock,pree the switch which is connect with the open lock line.
Grey line pick the touch sensor out ,
Orange line joint electric door lock anodal come out , 
Black line catelectrode pick , 
Pink line joining-up line flameout . if you motorcycle is dc motorcycle ,it has no turn off line,so you need to connect the pink line to the trigger positive line.

This item should be connected by professional people.
Because the conductive inductor is to rely on the human body, so the blue line installation (touch line is connected to the screw) is installed to the best is not the position of the backlog of rain, or in the case of the rain conductive will cause don't need a touch can also play on fire!

Package included:

1 X Motorcycle Built-in Lock

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