Multifunctional Manual Meat Grinder Mincer Sausage Machine


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Simple fashion design, add a trace of green for your kitchen.
6 pieces of imitation sharp knife knife and knife chop, make original flesh good taste.
At the bottom of the vacuum suction cups, when the button to switch to fixed at the bottom of the silicone soft mat can strong adsorption on a smooth surface.
Low speed manual meat grinder speed can be control, can be in accordance with the need to make a delicious taste of the meat dishes.

Features & details:
Material: Plastic
Weight: About 1168g
Color: As shown in pictures
Size: About 18x12x23cm(L*W*H)

Package Included:
1pcs X Manual Meat Grinder

1.First put the screw on the tool rest, pay attention to screw the arrow on the head, rib screw groove in the blade.
2.The pack good rest screw groove insert transparent subject in exports.
3.Insert screw spanner into transparent within the main body in the mouth.
4.Crank handle insert shell side hole, after screwing in clockwise direction.
5.Smooth clean surface of suction cups, on the table, hold down the main body to chuck wrench clockwise lock.
6.Remove the screw spanner, 4-6 cm cut the meat into strips, add SongLiaoKou, turn the crank.

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