Newton’s Cradle Ball Luminous Swing Ball House Office Decoration Gift


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Newton's Cradle Ball Luminous Swing Ball House Office Decoration Gift


Brand Name: HongKong 9 PIG
Style: New Classical/Post-modern
Use:Holiday Decoration & Gift, Office Decoration
Weight: About 454g
Main Material: ABS Plastic + Glass + Electronic Components
Size: 20cm * 18cm * 15.5cm
Shape: Glass Ball
Recommended Age: ≥ 8
Battery: 6 X 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)

There are 3 color reaction modes of  Newton's Cardle Ball.
The motion of this 5-ball cradle is the most addicting way to demonstrate Newton's law of conservation of momentum and energy, which makes it a great teaching tool, in addition to being fun to watch.
And we've equipped each frosted glass sphere with LED, it's even more amazing.
Lights react based on their position. Start a kinetic chain reaction with one ball and see how the others change color in response.
One from each end, set the LED to a single color and watch the light fade as they swing back and forth.

Package included:
1 X Newton's Cradle Ball (Batteries Not Included)

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