Nine Eagles 260A 2.4G 4CH Mini RC Helicopter RTF Mode 2


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Nine Eagles 260A 2.4G 4CH Mini RC Helicopter RTF Mode 2

ALL DIRECTIONS!! An Easy Fixed-pitch single blade helicopter. Easy Control and Stable.

Nine Eagles has created one of the most exciting helicopters we've ever flown! Whether you're just graduating from co-axial helicopters or are a seasoned pilot, you will LOVE this heli! Weighing in at under 1 ounce, the SOLO PRO I can be flown anywhere. Basements, small living rooms, garages, basements..even outside! Nine Eagles has taken the time to make this a true outdoor heli. It can handle wind much like larger helis. Due to it's weight and size, the SOLO PRO I is extremely maneuverable and has great forward flight speeds. Durability is key with micro helis, and this heli can take a beating! Nine Eagles designed the helicopter with the beginner in mind, and uses high quality components that are strong, and easy to replace. They even performed "wall crash tests" to make sure the SOLO PRO I could handle the roughest pilots! The LCD transmitter uses 2.4Ghz technology, and has a "beginner" and "advanced" toggle – no swashplate adjustments needed! If you looking for a helicopter you can just fly and have a blast, look no further!

Here are some highlight features of the Nine Eagles 260A Soar

Ultra-micro size and weight perfect for indoor flying.
Includes everything needed to fly—there's nothing extra to buy.
100% factory-assembled, test-flown and ready-to-fly right from the box.
4-channel transmitter equipped with 2.4GHz technology, digital trims and dual rates.
Flight time more than 8 minutes.
Recharge time 30 minutes.


Model No: NE R/C 260A
Overall Length: 207mm
Rotor Diameter: 190mm
Helicopter Weight: 27g
Power System: 2pcs Motor
Battery: 3.7V 120mAh Li-po Battery
Color: Red,Yellow,Blue

Package included:

1 x Nine Eagles 260A RC Helicopter
1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter
1 x 3.7V 120mAh Li-po Battery
1 x Screwdriver

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