Nitecore Filter Diffuser 60mm Four Colors For TM11/TM15/MH40


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Product name: Nitecore Filter Diffuser 60mm
Color: red,green,blue,white
Size: 60mm (diameter)
Suit for: TM11, TM15 and MH40 and other flashlight head diameter 60mm

Red filter – (NFR60)
The Red filter is great for penetrating fog and smoke, and ideal for signaling. Red is also ideal when you want to preserve your night vision. Hunters use the red filter to avoid disturbing animals during pre-dawn hours — animals see poorly in the red color spectrum. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications — such as map reading — as it reduces the intensity of light output.

Green filter – (NFG60)
The Green filter is ideal for hunting and hiking. The green filter provides the best visibility in a forest because it uses the lowest light intensity possible. And the green light will help hide your location when hunting in the forest.

Blue filter – (NFB60)
The Blue filter is great for hunting because it makes blood trails stand out by making the blood appear black, which makes it easier to track an injured animal. Blue light won't attract insects. It works with night vision equipment, produces less disturbing light, and is good for navigation or map reading as it show contour lines better than red.

White diffuser – (NFD60)
White diffuser converts the normal flashlight beam into a wide angle flood light, good for closes up work, wide area lighting, reading, tight spaces, photography and video.

Package included:
1 x Nitecore Filter Diffuser 60mm  (not included flashlight)

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