OBD2 DCAN103C Program Development Module Test Board


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OBD2 DCAN103C Program Development Module Test Board


DCAN103C OBD modules use high-performance chip, highly integrated, low-power circuit design, module compact, easy to use, fast response. DCAN103C OBD vehicle protocol module supports multiple vehicles, the sensor values ​​can be quickly automotive electronic control system converts the UART format data sent and received, the user can directly through a variety of single-chip, PC serial interface and PAD and other equipment and automotive ECU connection, quickly realize OBD secondary development of related products.
DCAN103C OBD module supports real-time vehicle data and statistics, high data stability, automatic transmission mode data stream is sent to the port, developers do not need to spend more time to understand the knowledge of vehicle hardware, automotive and other aspects of the agreement.
DCAN103C OBD module also supports standard OBDII automotive diagnostic capabilities, support DTC diagnostic requests, fault code output, fault code cleared.
DCAN103C OBD module is a car OBDII protocol compliance level data analysis products, support ISO9141-2, ISO14230 (KWP), ISO15765 (CANBUS) physical layer protocols, through OBD-16 standard interface with the existing vast majority of cars The ECU diagnosis communication.


Operating Voltage: 5V
Working current: 42mA
Working Power:0.21W
Standby Current: 6mA
Standby power consumption: 0.03W
Working temperature:75℃
Storage temperature: 85℃

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1 x OBD2 DCAN103C Program Development Module Test Board

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