Octangle Pointer Type Garden Environment Temperature Humidity Meter


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Garden Environment Temperature Humidity Meter

Suspended temperature and humidity meter, not need to battery(except tester with clock), saving power, widely used in garden, greenhouse nursery, laboratories, aquaculture, instrument workshops, books, rooms, hospitals, computer room or etc.

Matterial: ABS
Size: 200mm(Hight), 20mm(Thickness)
Temperature: -20℃~50℃,
Humidity range: 10%~90%RH
Accuracy: temperature: ±2℃, humidity: ±5%RH~10%RH
Pattern: Meter, Meter with clock
Battery: 1*1.5V AA battery( Meter with clcok)

Pointer type, calibration clear and measure accurately
Can point to correct reading after 30 minutes
Practical and convenient, accurate, anti-aging, long life

Technical order:

Temperature 10℃ below
25℃ above
Humidity 40%RH below
75%RH above

How to adjust temperature / humidity:
1. Cover the back of meter with wet towel or cover the whole item about 30 minutes
2. The meter shows the humidity reading is 45℃ / 95%RH
3. If the pointer do not point to 95%RH, should be used suitable screwdriver to open the back of case, and adjust the spiral fixed mount until the pointer point to 45℃ / 95%RH

1. Hanging on ventilation places, avoiding hang on the metope of direct sunlight and air-conditioner air outlet.
2. keep away from rain, do not use corrosive solutions cleaning the item.
3. Suitable temperature and humidity for crops: 22℃—32℃ 60%RH—80%RH
4. Comfortable temperature and humidity for people: 18℃—23℃ 45%RH—65%RH

Package include:
1 X Temperature humidity meter

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