Open Source V7 Sensor IO Expansion Board Compatible Arduino


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Open Source V7 Sensor IO Expansion Board Compatible Arduino


Expanded the Arduino port into 3 p interface, into the 3 p sensor module. 14 number six (PWM), six simulation.
Rich communication and storage module interface. Central upright Xbee encapsulation of bluetooth, WIFI, and Xbee module of communication. Set up by the side of the common bluetooth module, APC and the expansion of the SD card interface.
External power extension, for your Arduino works provide lasting life. Terminal extension plate corner for power supply, the host controller and the expansion board central terminal for digital the steering gear power supply on the mouth.
Provide 3.3 V to 5.5 V power supply, more compatible with 3.3 V components.
Sensor extension plate V7 constantly adapt to the user habit, compatible with the latest changes of the Arduino


Jumper switch 5 V and 3.3 V power supply, to adapt to the Arduino's different working voltage controller.
DUE is 3.3 V, the other controller for 5 V.
Expansion board along with communication module, can burn the program. You only need to switch to the PROG, dial back after the completion of the RUN.
Add 1 X I2C interface and 1 X 3.3 V power supply output.


Compatible with Arduino UNO, MGEA, DUE
3.3V / 5V switching
With I2C Interface
Support XBEE, APC220 communication module and SD card reader

Package included:

1 x Open Source V7 Sensor IO Expansion Board Compatible Arduino

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