OTG Micro USB Data Transfer Cable For Tablet Phone


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OTG Recharge Data Transfer Cable For Tablet Phone
Micro USB Port+USB Female Port+USB Male Port

Micro USB:Connect to the tablet and phone
USB Female Port:Connect to the USB flash disk,mouse,keyboard,printer and so on.
USB Male Port:Connect to the power supply device

1.When you use this cable in the first time,insert the otg cable to your phone,and reboot your phone.
2.When you use the usb device,you have to insert the usb device to the USB Female Port first.Then connect to the phone via Micro USB Port.
3.If you need to change the usb device when you using it,you also need to unplug the whole otg cable and change the usb device,then connect to you phone.

Please note:
The USB Male Port can not charge your phone,it just s
upply power for external usb device.
Your tablet and phone need to support OTG to use this cable.
OTG can not support NTFS file system, only support FAT32 system, if your USB disk is NTFS system, your need to backup the files and format it to FAT32 system.

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