Portable USB Heater Self Stirring Tea Milk Cup Coffee Mug


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1. In-set lithium-ion battery, can be recharged repeatedly.
2. In-set heating and warming function.
3. Automatic stirring function.
4. Compatible with PC hardware.
5. With battery storage test function.

Features & details:
1. Voltage: 3-5V
2. Power: 3W
3. Nominal volume: 130ml
4. Color: Silver, black, brown
5. Product dimensions: 64x64x152mm
6. Package size: 70x70x155mm

1. Heat: Heating function
2. Test: Test the battery storage
3. Off: Turn off the device
4. Stir: Stir the liquid in mug
Note: To restart charging, connect the USB interface on PC with the DC interface on mug through the USB cable.

1. Please recharge when the battery storage is low.
2. Do not leave the USB coffee mug with high humidity or under sunshine.
3. Do not leave the USB coffee mug in intense magnetic area.
4. Please avoid shaking the USB coffee mug.
5. Turn off the product after using.
6. Do not keep the USB coffee mug in refrigerator.

Package included:
1 x USB Coffee Warmer
1x USB Cable
1X Instruction Manual

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