PowerCube Classic 1.5m Wire Extension Cord Three-dimensional Outlet


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PowerCube Classic 1.5m Wire Extension Cord Three-dimensional Outlet

It is compact, rational use of every side. Although compact shape, but even large power adapter plugged in will not stop the other plug, which is often impossible in conventional power outlet. However, their biggest advantage is reflected in the time they are combined. Because the mold side socket series compatible with each other, you can build a mold square socket combination according to specific needs.

Product description:
Model: PowerCube
Specifications: classic / 1.5 m extension cable red
Custom processing: No
Rated voltage:250 (V)
Rated current: 10 (A)
Ambient temperature: 60 ℃
Housing Material: Flame retardant PC
Conductor material: copper


1. extension cord that comes with a fixed base models and two trace tape, etc. can be attached to a desktop or Underdesk you think convenient place, is removed without damaging the desktop.
2. As long as the current equipment does not exceed the total consumption of 10A or 2400W, theoretically PowerCube can achieve unlimited expansion, but the official suggested the PowerCube connection control in less than three.
3. comes with overload protection, prevent you into unknowingly threatened upload.
In addition to providing four additional power socket, USB socket module square section also provides dual USB charging port, no special power adapter can for your smartphone or tablet charging. Rated output at 2.1A, the power of USB charging port powerful enough for the latest high-power electronic products charge.

Package list:
1x PowerCube Extension Cord Outlet

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