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Description :

Retro Furniture Door Knobs Cabinet Drawer Cupboard Kitchen Pull Handle

This is a Unique style, Bright and shiny, Beautiful shape, which is feel comfortable and delicate, elegant taste.
It was recognized by the majority users of the new century urban architecture, hotels, luxury villas, entertainment decor, really a fashion house decoration.

Stainless bronze handle as an emerging industry, is no longer a simple decoration materials, but a fine art decorations, a representative of wealth worth, luxurious landscape 🙂

Specification :

Material : Zinc alloy
Size : Handle : 13×4.5x2cm/9.5x4x1.5cm/9.5x4x1.5cm/12x2cm
         Screw : 2.5x1cm
Distance of hole : 64mm/82mm
Hole diameter : 0.3cm
Color : Red bronze / Green Bronze

Package includes :

1 x Retro Furniture Door Knobs Handle
2 x Door Knobs Screw

Detail Pictures :


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