SkyRC E6 5 Amp 6S Compact AC 100~240V LiPo Battery Balance Charger


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SkyRC E6 5 Amp 6S Compact AC 100~240V LiPo Battery Balance Charger

Brand Name:SkyRC
Item Name:E6 Balance Charger
AC Input Voltage: 100-240V,50-60HZ
Output Power: 50W
Charge Current (Selected by Switch): 1A,2A,4A,5A
Balance Current: 6A
Battery Cell Count: 2-6S
Battery Type (Selected by Switch):LiPo/LiFe

Charge Mode:CC mode,CV mode,charge,dischage
Current Drain for Balancing: 200mA
6 LEDs for Balancing Indicatior
1 LED for Charging Status
Dimension: 82.7 x 140.5 x 45.7mm
Weight: 310g

AC Input 100-240V AC balance charger, you could use this charger all over the world and don’ need to worry about any damage caused by improper input voltage.
The circuit power is 50W and max charge current can reach to 5A
four kinds of charge current 1A/2A/4A/5A that can be selected, you could select the proper charge current according to the battery capacity
Power supply built in: you could connect the AC power cord to the main AC socket directly.
Compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries from 2-6 cells in balance mode, the voltage of each cell will be balanced so that the battery will be performed better and the cycle life will be longer.
simple operation,two toggle switches can be selected to battery type and charge current,
6 LEDs for Balancing Indicatior,indicating each battery cell status (charge/discharge).
1 LED for Charging Status

LED Tips:

Charge Status LED LED flashes green. The charger is ready to charge.
LED glows constant red. The charger is charging in CC mode.
LED glows constant orange. The charger is charging in CV mode.
LED glows constant green. The charging process finishes.
Cell Status LED LED glows constant red. The cell is charging.
LED flashes red. The cell is discharging.

Package not included:
18AWG bare wire charge cable(the charge cable does NOT include a battery connector, therefore, you will need to solder your own connector or purchase a ready-made charge cable).Most Admiral batteries require either a JST, T-Connector, or EC5 charge lead.

Package Included:
1 x SkyRC e6 Battery Charger
1 x AC Power cable
1 x Balance board
1 x Instruction manual

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