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Smart Bluetooth Wireless Bone Conduction Earphone Sport Headset For Tablet Cellphone MP3 MP4

The characteristics of the bone conduction headphone is pick up the inner ear voices, which can quickly eliminate these problems, the inner ear is an ideal site for passing vibration. Through bone conduction way to listen to sound has many advantages, because the sound is not dependent on gas into the leading tone from the outer ear. The main advantage is that two ears do not need to be bound. Bone conduction speakers make calls communication and listen to the sound environment at the same time, or can be in the case of keep the horn on the head to normal conversation.

Ears-free, thus providing extended use comfort and safety
No electromagnetic waves (EMW), eliminating the potential effect of EMW on cerebrum (if any)
High sound clarity in very noisy environments, can be used with hearing protection
Can have the perception of stereo sound

Product model: Bone Conduction
Bluetooth: 3.0+EDR
Temperature: -20-85℃
Emission levels: Class2
Effective distance: 10m
Transmission rate: 115.2Kpbs
Static receiving sensitivity: -89dBm
Interface: USB 2.0 Hight speed
Battery capacity: 3.7V 400mAH
Charging: DC 5V,500mA
Charging time: about 3.5 hours
Max output: 5mWx2
Frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz

Power key. Long press to switch on,the indicator light (red) will flashing one time, when the blue light flashing, that means the earphone is connecting to your device, if the earphone still can not match the device you connected last time 3 to 5 seconds, it will go to the wating match state, then the red and blue light will be flashing.
The power will turn off if it haven't connect with other device or other operation 5 minutes later, and red and blue light will turn off.
Long press to switch of, red and blue light turn off.

2, STOP/PLAY  Play and suspended when playing music
Short press to control it.
3, REMOVE PAIRING Clean match function
Long press to clean the match record

Short press to next sung/Long press to plus the volume.

Short press to prev sung/Long press to refuce the volume.

6, USB interface
The red light will always on if you charge it under power on state, and will be off when it fully charge.
The red light and the blue light will flashing if you match the earphone to other devices when charging, after matched, the blue light will flashing intermittent, red light will always on. The red light will be off after fully charge.
The red light will be always on if you charge it under power off state, and will be off when it fully charger.

1, Charge and discharge
The earphone need to charge after 2 to 3 times complete discharge if it is first use, and need to charge for 8 to 10 hours to confirm the batter's performance and service life.
Do not let it along long time after complete discharge, otherwise the battery will easy to be damage.
If the original charger was damage, please use the USB interface charger or the DC 5V 500-1000mA output charger to charge the earphone.

2, Play
Can not power on. Please make sure whether the item still have power, connect to the charger and press the reset key and then switch it on after 5 to 10 minutes charge.
If the earphone can switch on when charging, but off without charging, please make sure that whether the battery was damage because of leave it along too long time after discharger last time.
If it power off immediately after power on or power off automatically when using, then that means it is run out the power, please charge it in time.
If the reception is bad, please reboot the earphone.

3, Connection
If it can not charge via USB cable, please check the cable whether is damaged.
If the earphone can not match with other device or the connection transmission signal is bad, please reboot the earhone.

Package includes:
1 x earphone
1 x USB cable
1 x Charger

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