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Description :

Sn42Bi58 Solder Paste low temperature Low Melt Lead-free SMT Melting Point 138°C
Specification :
Element : Sn42Bi58
Melting point : 138℃
Inside diameter : 22.6mm
External diameter : 25.2mm
Length : 120mm

Preservation method :

Better to put in the temperature between 2-10℃;
Service life for 6 month without open;
Do not put it in sunlight or high temperature place;
Place the needle down for keeping the Tin in and out smooth.

Features : 

Excellent and exquisite performance of pointing and coating;
Tin keep continuous, in and out fluently;
Good wet welding, full light solder joint;
Less residue after welding, color shallow, no corrosion, high insulation resistance on surface for averting leakage;
Good thixotropic performance, keep it in good form and not easy to fall after dispensing;
Good suppression of solder ball and patch element migration;
Rational matching, dispense with dilution and stirring, high utilization rate, no waste.
Package includes : 

1 x 100g Solder Paste
Details pictures : 

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