Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet DIN3 – DIN11 Lens Filter Shade


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Description : 
Auto darkening welding filter lens with shade DIN3 - DIN11

Overall-process protection against UV and IR.
High-impact resistant ABS material.
Solar powered ~ the power will turns on and off automatically.

Specifications :

Model : ADF 108
Viewing Window Size : 91 x 34mm
Filter Cassette Size : 108 x 51 x 5.2mm
Shade Number in Light State : Din3#
Shade Number in Dark State : Din11#
UV/IR Protection : DIN15
Switching Time : 1/25,000s
Operating Tep : -10℃ – +55℃

Package Includes :

1 x Welding Helmet Lens

Details pictures : 

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