Sound Control Music Level Display Electronic DIY Kit


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Sound Control Music Level Display Electronic DIY Kit


Power supply voltage: 9V – 15V
PCB size: 160 x 42mm


The entire circuit is mainly from the power circuit, audio amplifier,  frequency division circuit and LED driver circuit.

1. Power circuit: Supply Voltage Input 9V – 15V, D1 can prevent power supply reverse polarity to damage the three-terminal voltage regulator, after filtering by C4, L7806 three terminal regulator to provide a stable 6V voltage for the entire circuit.
2. The audio amplifier circuit: Electret microphones MK1 turn sound into an electric signal, amplified by Q1, Q2, VR1 can adjust the size of the input signal Q2, to adjust the sensitivity of the entire circuit.
3. Divider circuit: As a result of three sections completely separate LED indication, so join the three divider circuit, to indicate different levels, VR2, VR3, VR4, respectively, to adjust the sensitivity of each segment LED indication, the use of C6 , C10 and C11 of different capacity, can be separated in three different frequency of the sound signal, and then through the further frequency division and amplification of the second triode, in Q4, Q5, Q18 collector to get three different frequency and electrochemical voltage with the external sound size change (That is, the greater the outside sound, the higher the voltage).
4. LED drive circuit: Each band has nine 1N4148 diode, sound louder, Q4, Q5, Q18 collector higher voltage, the more number of conduction 1N4148, the more LED lights, and conversely the less.

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