Spedix ARF S250Q Carbon Fiber CC3D Motor ESC Propellers DSM2 PDB Combo


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Spedix S250Q Carbon Fiber CC3D Motor ESC DSM2 Propellers Power Distribution Board ARF Combo

Brand Name: Spedix
Item Name: S250Q ARF Combo
S250Q Alien Frame Kit:
Item Name: S250Q
Materials: Pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin
Shaft distance: 280mm
Dimensions: 260x195x90mm
Frame weight: 143g
Item Name: Sunnysky 2204 2300kv brushless motor
Height: 28mm (to top of shaft) 
Width: 27mm 
Weight: 21g 
Battery: 2-3S
KV: 2300
Power DIstribution Board:
Input: 3-4s Lipo
Output: 5V@3A and 12V@3A
Dimensions: 50x50x5.5mm
weight: 22.5g(include aluminum plate)
Has 6 set 2mm bullet connectors to power up 6 motors
Step down regulator to provide 5V DC and 12V DC power
Flight Controller:
Input voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Dimensions: 39x39x12mm
Weight: 14g
Firmware Version:15.02

Dimensions: 50.5×50.5x12mm
Weight: 20g
IC: Atmega644 PA
Gyro/Acc: 6050MPU from InvenSense Inc
Auto-level: Yes
Input Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
AVR interface: standard 6 pin
Firmware Version:1.19S1

Option CC3D or KK2.15
Item Name: Round 12A ESC

Input voltage: 2-4S LiPo battery
Continuous current12A(Max 18A@10S)
Dimensions: Φ23×5.5mm(exclude capacitor)

Flashed with SimonK program,quick response, smooth throttle
Has a bright LED light to indicate the orientation of a multirotor
Item Name: 5045 Propeller
DSM2 Compatible satellite
Battery strap
Standoff Set for controller and power ditribution board
Package Included:
1 x S250Q alien frame kit
4 x 2204 2300kv brushless motor
4 x 12A ESC
1 x CC3D or KK2.15 flight controller
1 x Power ditribution board
2 x 5045 cw carbon fiber propeller
2 x 5045 ccw carbon fiber propeller
1 x Battery strap
1 x DSM2 Compatible satellite
1 x Standoff Set for controller and power ditribution board

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